Is polished concrete eco-friendly?

Did you know that mechanically polished concrete (MPC) is innately eco-friendly in comparison to alternative flooring solutions?  

Check out the top 4 reasons why… 

Recycling = reduced footprint 

If you think about it – using concrete that is already there is essentially recycling. When you choose to renovate an existing slab, you are re-using that concrete to produce a new finish…not relying on an extensive supply chain to bring in new materials. 

MPC is manufactured on-site and not needing to be transported to site, we have a reduced  footprint here as well.  

Less pollutants 

In addition to the footprint advantage, MPC uses water-based chemicals consisting of zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are gases that are emitted from industrial-based products such as paints, varnishes, carpets, topical sealers, vinyls. These gases are not just created in the production of these floor coverings but continue to be emitted once installed.  

Easy to clean = no harsh chemical cleaners  

Another advantage of a superior MPC finish in comparison to other floor coverings is that the process ensures the concrete is flattened, filled, hardened, and refined. This means that the surface of the floor has such a smooth glass-like surface and therefore becomes very easy to clean and maintain.

This reduces the need for harsh cleaning products to maintain the cleanliness of the floor. Instead of having to scrub to removed dirt and grime from pinholes or pitting in the surface, a microfibre mop easily glides over a properly finished MPC floor.  

Less need for artificial light = save on your electricity bill!! 

What’s more, MPC brightens up your life!! Choose a high gloss finish in darker spaces and reduce the need for artificial light. Cut down those electricity bills, save the planet….and be the envy of your friends. 

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