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Rock Up Group is committed to supporting the entire ecosystem that sits around the concrete polishing industry.

How you engage these services, depends on who you are and what YOU need.

Concrete Polisher

All services are available and have been created for you. From one-offs, to full ongoing coaching and support. All Rock Up services are designed to be affordable and take into consideration metre/square foot rates in your local area.



Concrete Polishers are your customers.

Connect with your customers on a higher/deeper level. Practical industry knowledge as it applies to your products.

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You create products for the concrete polishing industry.

Are you relying on the feedback of a highly viarable contractor base? Want to hit the market running with an expertly tried and tested products? Independent testing, consistent assessment method, operator-centric feedback.

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Considering becoming a concrete polisher?

Watch our IG for fresh content. Call Dani for a chat regarding current available options.

Get in touch, let us hear what you’re working with and what you’re looking to achieve.

We look forward to helping you get where you want to be.