About You

Why You Rock

You Rock because you have a project you value and are passionate about.

Like with all good investments, you want to know what you’re signing up for when you engage a contractor and believe that quality output is determined by the quality of input. 

You appreciate the specialist nature of MPC, and understand that a luxury product is built on more than just the delivery of that product; rather, it encompasses the entire experience from start to finish. 

Transparency for you is a no-brainer, because you’d rather be kept in the loop throughout the construction process than be hit with an unexpected bill at the end.

You want to work with an MPC business that is relied upon and trusted, not just by homeowners, but by architects, builders and the entire MPC industry.

Your heart is set on polished concrete for your new build or renovation, and you don’t want to second guess its quality or workmanship. 

If this describes you, you’re the kind of RockStar we work with