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Meet Rock Up Group’s Management Team

Kurt Scammell
Founder and Director

Kurt oversees Rock Up Group’s operations, tasked with ensuring the company’s quality, productivity, and communication is consistent across the board.   

Kurt contributes to the ongoing growth of the MPC industry through his work supporting  contractors world-wide. He is passionate about training and further educating concrete  polishers so they can improve their efficiency and team performance and achieve their goals.  

Kurts driving goal is to ensure that MPC is a trusted product worldwide and that  concrete polishers have access to the knowledge and support they deserve.

“I believe in working efficiently to create a job well done. Sharing knowledge, educating and the market and supporting other contractors so that we can all achieve our best is my aim.”
Are you a concrete polisher?
Rock up and learn the latest in MPC from Kurt as he co-hosts this year’s 2021 Worx+ Seminar Program!
Dani Bartolini
Business Development Manager

Dani manages client accounts and business development, and is the one to see when Is need to be dotted and T's need to be crossed!

As a client centric brand, Dani is resolute in ensuring every client gets the Rock Star Experience. Her philosophy extends beyond great customer service, ensuring she works with clients to create the ultimate environment for the on-site team to work their magic. 

She believes that all concrete owners can benefit from understanding the facts and options  around concrete polishing, and gain a greater appreciation for the art and science that goes into it. 

Connect with Dani on LinkedIn or Clubhouse at @danirockup.

“Client experience is not just an item on a list to tick off - it is the heading, the driver, and the reason for being in business.”
"Industry is best at the intersection of science and art."
- Edwin Herbert Land