Working with Rock Up Group

We have refined the Rock Up Way to ensure every project we work on is completed as discussed and executed as smoothly as possible. Our procedures have been mastered by each team member so we can carry out our work with open communication and efficiency.

Stepping you through the Rock Up Experience


It all starts with meeting the Rock Up Team virtually or in-person to establish the scope of the work.


You will receive an itemised quote along with a comprehensive information pack so you know what to expect.


After accepting the quote, you will receive the service agreement and T&Cs to sign before work begins.
Please note: We are upfront about ALL costs - you won’t find any hidden fees in your invoice at a later date that you’re not expecting.


You receive our ‘Rock Up Group Pour Guide for Polished Concrete’ and your concreter and builder can consult with us at any time.


Time for us to rock up and show you the magic and beauty of MPC. This is where you can start to see your vision come to life!


You step foot onto your exquisite MPC flooring for the first time, knowing your dream is now cemented into reality.

The nitty gritty details:

  • On signing the Services Agreement, a 10% holding fee is due.
  • The ‘Rock Up Group Pour Guide for Polished Concrete’ is issued after the Services Agreement is signed and the holding fee paid.
  • A 40% deposit is required one week prior to the commencement of work.
  • We are on hand to liaise with the builder or concreter throughout the construction process to answer any questions and to tackle any delays that might arise.
  • Once the slab is poured, it needs 7-10 days to cure. During this time, our team will carry out an on-site inspection to ensure the concrete meets quality standards.
  • After we have completed our Scope of Works, the builder will sign off on our MPC.
  • Final invoice is due 7 days after sign off.